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The Legislation and Judicial Magazine
A Quaterly Legal  Magaziane
Mr. Fathi AlJawari Editor-in-chief
in cooperation with The Iaqi commite for judicial Independance

Since the magazine “Al-Adala” which it means Justice in English was withheld, which was issued by the Ministry of Justice and her last issue was the fourth edition of 2002, Then Iraq lacked from any magazine on any legislation and the judiciary subjects.
The Legislation and the Judiciary magazine which we started to publish in 2009, considered to be an extension of the historical and intellectually missing “Justice” magazine. This magazine will be a field to stimulate thinking about the importance of justice as No Human justice without law, and No justice without the proper implementation of the law.

Law advance and stabilizes the law society and the Proper application of the law means understanding its spirit and moral achievement and to give the humanitarian dimension and  all that will not happen without  ensuring the achievement of justice through the independence of the judiciary and the independence of the judge from his personal interest and others to sort out the truth from falsehood and  the Good from Evil .

 Therefore, this magazine was to take up the wings of justice, legislation and Judiciary. No justice without t just legislation, and No justice without a just Judge.

The Magazine Family hopes the journal should be an arena for thought and analysis and dialogue, and stimulate thinking about the legislative, judicial, develop and enrich the dialogue on them.

To achieve the objectives of the family of the magazine will pay attention to legal studies, and seek to spread legal knowledge so as to achieve a deeper understanding of the problems suffered by the legislature, the judiciary with an indication of the characteristics of the Iraqi judiciary so as to achieve common legal culture, almost to the law and the judiciary to public life for the Iraqi people.

Overall, this magazine while tending to the legislation and the judiciary, which is seeking to address the academic researcher and the general reader alike, are seeking to obtain knowledge of the serious law and to help develop and strengthen the dialogue on the themes.
The magazine as we hope to become, a tool to impart information and ideas and a platform for dialogue on issues that will be on the front page and thus to contribute to enhancing the coherence between the judiciary and the people address it through a wide and broad audience and bring the law for them to make the law clear and expressing people’s daily needs, bearing solutions to their problems in an expeditious and quick.

There are no legitimacy except for the law and the law alone, nor there are no legitimacy without law and Both are of the whole constitutional values that represent the will of the people, it is all rooted ideals and values, concepts and parameters of constitutional, legal and enhanced confidence march of justice in Iraq and the integrity of the Iraqi judiciary, which remains a landmark as we always witness over the years, and changing political systems.


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